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Embracing digital offboarding as a design challenge

Paper presented at the IASDR 2023 Conference: Life-Changing Design in Milan, Italy

Junginger, S.(2023) Embracing digital offboarding as a design challenge, in De Sainz Molestina, D., Galluzzo, L., Rizzo, F., Spallazzo, D. (eds.), IASDR 2023: Life-Changing Design, 9-13 October, Milan, Italy.

Abstract: Most services we will use or rely on in the future will either contain a digital component or be fully digital. Given the multitude of pressures that are currently reshaping the public sector, great efforts are underway to increase the range of digital public service offerings. Design research and design practice currently contribute to the development of innovative digital public services. In addition, designers support the onboarding experience for people working in public administrations and the members of the public who benefit from or depend on these. This paper argues that we need to explore the needs and implications of digital offboarding – a concept currently not included in the development of digital public services. The author shows why digital offboarding will assume increasing meaning in an ageing society that is more and more dependent on public service provided digitally and through AI.