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Speculative Design Workshop at Mozilla’s Ethical Dilemma Café

VA-PEPR participates in the Ethical Dilemma Café

The Ethical Dilemma Café by Mozilla Foundation opened up its doors on 26-27 April, in Manchester, UK to explore how your data is reflecting your identity in the digital world, how measurement, categorisation, and labeling of humans by machines determines the barriers and privilege you experience. During the event participants explored whether established metrics are measuring the right things, at an appropriate granularity and how their influence touches your online and offline experiences.

Dr. Mike Shorter participated in the event with the VA-PEPR speculative design workshop titled ‘Materialising the Immaterial” which challenged participants to probe the capabilities of ‘black box’ voice assistants, helping them to not only understand the consequences of surrendering their personal voice data, but also understand how we could use this data beyond feeding a data set. To help inspire conversations, he introduced two provocative prototypes: The Constant Transcriber and the WordCloud.

Stay tuned for more speculative design workshops as we are progressing in the Speculative Design phase of the project.