The City, The Community and The Individual – conceptions of living together in the course of time

The interest of the «In-depth study» team in adopting a thematic and temporal focus to get to the bottom of the paradigm shifts in the history of architecture also formed the basis of their research in the Autumn Semester 2023. They examined the historic and contemporary examples of cooperative housing in Switzerland and the many characteristics which define them.

Day Excursions

In the Autumn Semester 2023 the students in the «In-depth study» have been exploring housing in Switzerland with a series of city excursions with special guest guiding them around. It began in Luzern with Dieter Geissbühler, Zürich and Schlieren with Caspar Schärer, Basel with an introduction from Beat Aeberhard and guided by Sarah Barth, Zürich and Dübendorf with Gian-Marci Jenatach and Deborah Feldmann.

Best works

The module serves to teach scientific working methods and concentrated thinking and writing. It offers the opportunity to reflect in writing on one‘s own actions as a designing architect. The aim is to write an independent in-depth thesis relevant to the topic.

Gemeinsam mehr – Reduktion des individuellen Flächenbedarfs im genossenschaftlichen Wohnungsbau by Pascal de Kegel
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Beyond the key – Unraveling the symbolisms and ideals of the laundry room in Zurich’s cooperative houses by Mariana Mayumi Ab
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Vom Erlebnis und dem Nutzen der Dichte – Ein Vergleich zwischen Japan und der Schweiz basierend auf den Projekten Moriyama-Haus in Tokio und Mehr als Wohnen-Haus A in Zürich by Sven Leuenberger
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