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Voice Assistant Use: Challenges for the Home Office Work Context  

Dr. Jens O. Meissner and the team participated at the EURAM 2022 Conference in Winterthur, Switzerland 

Meissner, J. O., Minder, B., Klotz, U., Todisco, A., Murri, M., Junginger, S., Wolf, P., Aytaç, A., Baldauf, M., Tödtli, B., Rogers, J., Shorter, M., Doerk, M., & Ulmer, T. (2022, June 15-17). Voice Assistant Use: Challenges for the Home Office Work Context [Paper Presentation]. EURAM 2022: Leading Digital Transformation, Zürich, Switzerland.  

As we are progressing in the research project timeline, the VA-PEPR team has completed the first two phases of the project: Ethnographic in-home studies and RCC Student Household studies. With the co-lead of Dr. Jens O. Meissner, the team presented initial findings of the ethnographic in-home studies with relation to voice assistant use in home offices. 

Methods: The paper provides qualitative empirical insights from an ethnographic household study and student journal study.  

Results: The paper generates novel insights into the emerging issues associated with the use of voice assistants in a home office work context. It advances our knowledge through its focus on the domestic office set-up, user experience, and privacy issues. The paper delivers a description of general themes that mainly interfere with the characteristics of home office work to raise consciousness regarding this delicate socio-technical arrangement.  

Conclusion: People working from home need to pay attention to the conscious use of voice assistants in their direct working environment to avoid distraction and secure privacy. Effective business applications of voice assistants are rare but keep a significant upside potential for the future.