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VA-PEPR presented at CHI’23 Workshop

Short paper accepted for the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Workshop

Paola, Pierri, Aysun Aytaç, Jon Rogers, Micheal Shorter and Sabine Junginger. 2023. Everyday Data and Everyday Publics. Implications for Design and for Policy-making: Designing Platform Technology and Policy Simultaneously: A CHI’23 workshop.

We are proud to announce that Dr. Paola Pierri presented the paper Everyday Data and Everyday Publics which introduces VA-PEPR research and explores the role of the Everyday in technology and policy development. The paper was accepted for the Designing Technology and Policy Simultaneously Workshop which was held at CHI’23 in Hamburg in April.

Abstract: This short paper presents initial findings of a multiannual research on the impact of Voice Assistant technologies in people’s everyday lives. Drawing on the project findings, the paper aims to explore the question of how technology design and relevant policies can better inform and coordinate with each other in order to generate safe, inclusive and sustainable new technologies. The paper will start with a short introduction of the VA-PEPR research project and its methodology and will then reflect on the impact of a ‘everyday’ lens to address the questions of digitalisation and data. It will conclude by advancing three initial proposals for discussion about the role of design research and designer in shaping technologies and policies simultaneously.