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Policy, Design & AI Workshop

Research by the VA-PEPR team points to an ever-closer interrelation of the design of policies and services for everyday use driven by new technologies like AI. The VA-PEPR team hosted a high-level interdisciplinary workshop on January 16th 2024 on the topic.

Thanks to the great contributions of our guests form the World Health Organization’s Initiative on AI for Health Sameer Pujari & Jose Mendoza (GI-AI4H) and the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) Pierre Deceunick (Directorate F – Innovation in Life and Health Sciences) and Marco Inchingolo (Directorate S – Innovation in Science and Policymaking) for their inputs from the policy side.

A stellar group of interdisciplinary experts at the cross section of policy, design and AI fearlessly engaged with the provotypes developped by the VA-PEPR team (specifically “Voice Matters” and “Überblick”) to explore their relevance and use in the policy innovation context.

A significant concept emerged that will now be taken forward to developed further. Stay tuned – and mark you calendar for the two upcoming events on March 7 (workshops) and March 8 (Final project Event)!