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2023 , Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering

Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering: Bachelor-Arbeiten 2023

14 Studierende haben im Studienjahr 22/23 Ihre Bachelor-Arbeit in Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering abgeschlossen und präsentieren hier ihre spannenden Projekte.

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Bachelor-Arbeiten (Herbstsemester 2022)

Name Thema Dozent*in Download
QASIM, Amna The Analysis of Energy and Waste Concept of Odermatt Martin Streicher Link »
RAHNAMA, Niloufar Minimizing Operational Energy Demand of Buildings in Different Climates Heinrich Manz Link »

Bachelor-Arbeiten (Frühlingssemester 2023)

Name Thema Dozent*in Download
ALCÓN VALDÉS, Juan José Carbon accounting and energy flow analysis of a multifaceted enterprise Philipp Schütz Link »
AZIZ CHANI, Maryam Thermodynamic and kinetic study of di-sodium hydrogen phosphate hydrates for latent heat storage Anastasia Stamatiou, Rebecca Ravotti Link »
BALZARINI, Raffael Expansion of renewable energies and energy storage on the winter energy supply Oliver Woll Link »
BOBOCESCU, María Alexandra Optimizing Passive Houses by Means of Building Energy Simulation at the Case Study Locations of Valencia, Spain and Lucerne, Switzerland Heinrich Manz Link »
CHARIF, Michael Solar Commander Jonas Mühlethaler Link »
COPANI SERVIN, Nicole Maria Jose Integration of Sustainability in Project Management: A case study of AFRY Switzerland Claas Wagner Link »
HARRIS, Josephine Human-centric behaviour-based modelling for operational planning in a Distribution System Operator (DSO) as the basis of a decision support tool Benjamin Bowler Link »
KUSMIERCZYK, Weronika Towards Sustanable Event Planning: A Case Study on Carbon Reduction Strategies for Small-Scale Exhibition Judit Tomás Verde, Macarena San Martín Ruiz, Anastasia Stamatiou Link »
MAUCHLE, Stefan Application and Assessment of a Commercial GPU-Based Flow Solver Luca Mangani Link »
NIKOLOV, Nikola Modern vane designs for natural gas compressor Luca Mangani Link »
PANDURANGI, Sanjna Towards Sustainable Land Use and Biodiversity Conservation: Integrating SDG 15 in the Operations of Building Industry Supplier Companies Achim Schneider Link »
ZÖLLY, Julian Assessment of a solar cookstove using heat storage technology Ludger Fischer, Silvan von Arx Link »


Preisträger*in Preisstifter*in
ZÖLLY, Julian Preis der Belimo Holing AG für den besten Abschluss im Studiengang Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering
HARRIS, Josephine Preis der Hitachi Energy für die beste Bachelor-Thesis im Studiengang Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering