Smart Camera for 3D Inline Inspection

Smart Camera for 3D Inline Inspection

Silvan Murer

Heliotis develops and commercializes 3D measurement systems based on white light interferometry. Due to the high accuracy and the short cycle time these measurement systems are used in production lines for quality control. In existing machine vision systems the topology information is transferred to and evaluated on a vision computer which communicates the inspection outcome to a higher level control unit. This thesis expands the measurement system to a smart camera. A framework for integration of inspection tasks is evaluated. A script based solution is selected and realized using the HALCON image processing library. Two interfaces for communication with a higher level control unit are implemented. For simple signalling digital IOs are used whereas numerical results are transmitted over EtherCAT. A demonstrator was built and the smart camera’s performance is benchmarked vs. a conventional computer based solution.

Studienbetreuer: Jürgen Wassner

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