Mikrowellen-Bildgebungssystem zur Erkennung von Brustkrebs

Mikrowellen-Bildgebungssystem zur Erkennung von Brustkrebs

Simon Zuber

Microwave imaging is an early breast cancer detection method. In contrary to the mammography it does not have the disadvantages of X-ray stress on the breast, uncomfortable breast compression and high costs. A task that has not yet been solved satisfactorily is the design of a static microwave measuring system without moving antennas. The static design has the advantages that it is reliable, cheap and fast. The created simulation model of the static microwave measuring system shows the influence of the antenna geometry, the transmitter frequency, the tumor diameter, the tumor location, the breast size and the breast tissue on the detection accuracy. The presented prototype bases on the results of the simulations and consists of a 3D-printed measuring tank, 16 custom-made PCB patch antennas, a custom-made high frequency switch matrix PCB and a laboratory network analyzer. The produced measuring system detects the cylindrical tumor phantom with a diameter of 5mm in the measuring tank.

Studienbetreuer: Markus Thalmann

Microwave imaging measurement tank with a tumor phantom

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