Technik & Architektur: Bachelor- und Master-Diplomarbeiten


2020 , Master in Engineering

Gleichspannungswandler für Hybridakkumulator in der Formula Student Electric

Daniel Winz


Accumulators used in electrically powered race cars need to provide high amounts of power while maintaining as little weight as possible. Therefore the cell selection is a compromise between a high power density and a high energy density. A hybrid accumulator combines high energy density accumulators with supercapacitors that can provide very high amounts of power for a short period of time. To connect these two energy storages to the drivetrain, a DC/DC converter is needed to adapt the voltages. In this thesis a prototype of a dual input synchronous boost converter for use in a hybrid accumulator in a formula student electric race car is assembled and commissioned. The prototype which uses silicon-carbide semiconductors and has a maximum power of 40 kW is commissioned in a laboratory environment. The evaluation of optimal parameters for the design of the converter is determined using a multi-objective optimization implemented in Matlab and Simulink. For the control of the converter a state space representation is determined and compared to a circuit simulation using PLECS.

Studienbetreuer: Adrian Omlin