Application of open source software in an enterprise environment

Application of open source software in an enterprise environment

Raphael Tholl

The goal of this master’s thesis is to provide IT executives with knowledge about open source that is tailored to the application in an enterprise environment. The results comprise historical background on the emergence of open source, different software business models and open source licenses. On basis of past cases, possible intents behind opening or closing access to the source code are derived. Potential signals that could lead to such strategic moves are analyzed. Security and the quality of code are compared between open source and proprietary software. Common reasons for failure of open source projects are identified. Migration best practices are given that can be applied to move from proprietary to open source software. Then a comparison of benefits and challenges that arise with the adoption of open source software is done. After this theoretical chapter, a market overview of open source software is given with both a global and Swiss scope. Enterprise requirements for open source software are discussed. Also, potential barriers that prevent businesses from using open source software are analyzed. Finally, the bill of materials tool for software is introduced to cope with the increased complexity of an open source software portfolio.

Studienbetreuer: Björn Jensen