BT-Industry 4.0 through Fischertechnik and a Digital Twin

BT-Industry 4.0 through Fischertechnik and a Digital Twin

Ruben Louwagie Sapena

This Bachelor Thesis aims to analyse the Fischertechnik 4.0 Training Factory model acquired by the HSLU for training purposes within the 4.0 Industry context. The 4.0 Training Factory is a Smart Factory which emulates an automated production line and introduces several 4.0 Industry features in it.

Additionally, and related to the 4.0 Industry topic, the Fischertechnik model is complemented with a Digital Twin created through the Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software. Accompanying the Digital Twin, an Initial scenario and a To-Be scenario of the Fischertechnik model are also created in order to complement the analysis.

The Fischertechnik simulation model is versatile due the C++ software used and allows to be complemented with tools like Node-RED which use MQTT protocol, commonly used in M2M connectivity, to interact with the factory.

Meanwhile, the Siemens Tecnomatix software is used as a Digital Twin of the Fischertechnik model and its potential as a simulation software is presented through the three scenarios created. Via these scenarios implementations are executed and improvements are visualized through previously defined KPIs.

The image below shows the 4.0 Training Factory (left) and the Siemens Tecnomatix model (right).

Image source: © Siemens AG