Situationsanalyse und strategische Neuausrichtung eines Logistiknetzwerkes im Bereich Bauwesen

Situationsanalyse und strategische Neuausrichtung eines Logistiknetzwerkes im Bereich Bauwesen

Patrick Markovic

This Master’s thesis contains the situation analysis and strategic reorientation of the logistics network of Implenia AG in the construction industry. The focus of this investigation is to gain a deep understanding of the internal logistic and the associated effects on Implenia AG. Based on the internal and external analysis, a final logistic concept is formulated and rated which the board of directors can use for the future strategic direction. In order to gain an understanding of the company and their offered building service, Implenia AG is introduced as a first step and as a second step to classify the topic of the Master thesis. Based on theoretical fundamentals and scientifically evaluated tools, such as logistics analysis, Benchmark, Pestel, SWOT-analysis and Balanced Scorecard, the analysis and elaboration of the results is accomplished. Initially, the internal logistics activities are analysed. In addition to that, the external environment will be analysed and is used as a benchmark for comparison with domestic companies and as analysis of the relevant trends. In the conclusion of the present Master thesis, the results are shown. It came out, that Implenia AG should implement the logistic concept with the highest added value. The corresponding implementation planning for the logistics concept is also stated in the results. Furthermore, based on the outcome of this Master thesis practical recommendation are provided to Implenia AG. Due to the facts the most important recommendations are to implement the logistic concept under consideration of the implementation planning to ensure a long-term growth of the company and to consider the future impacts of the external environment.

Studienbetreuer: Fabio Mercandetti

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