F&E-Plattform Advanced

F&E-Plattform Advanced

Raphael Hugi

HSLU, also called the F&E-Platform. This Platform was maintained and the Data from the Photovoltaic station was collected. The collected data is used for Visualization. Further an important Point of this Thesis is to establish an advanced Algorithm to control the energy flow of this Platform. This Algorithm not just includes the management of loads, it also maximizes the autarky and that should be complied with a Grid-beneficial behaviour. The work relied on previous studies, imbedded into the actual environment and elaborated for future development of the platform. The development is fast, the stressed fields are large and numerous technologies, components and interests are coming together. It is further a central building block in the change, pushed by the society and now forced by the politics.

Studienbetreuer: Jörg Worlitschek

Algorithm with flexible Electricity-Tarif
Programming the SPS (F&E-Platform)
SPS-Programming of the PV-Datas

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