Ecosystem of the Swiss medical orthopaedic devices market

Ecosystem of the Swiss medical orthopaedic devices market

Shreya Dey

Use of 3D printing has been gaining momentum in the medical device industry, especially in orthopaedics. A Swiss startup company is planning to enter this market to provide patient-specific solutions for orthopaedics. This research aids them to enter the Swiss market smoothly, identify the relevant decision-making players in the ecosystem and recommend reimbursement strategies. Methodologies such as ecosystem mapping were used to explore Swiss medical device ecosystem. Further, customer journey mapping was used to identify market needs. They were identified to be – facilitation of surgeons’ tasks in performing complex surgeries, saving surgical cost, improving surgical safety and patient outcomes. Competitor’s business was also studied to recommend partnership strategies and market positioning. Business models for market entry were subsequently developed to fulfill the research goals.

Studienbetreuer: Silvio Di Nardo

Ecosystem map of medical orthopeadic ecosystem