Technik & Architektur: Bachelor- und Master-Diplomarbeiten


2020 , Master in Engineering

Management of ammonia emissions as a strategic success position for a supplier of animal housing technology in Switzerland

Michael Birrer


Agriculture is the main source of ammonia emissions in Switzerland. Ammonia damages sensitive ecosystems forms particulate matter and has an influence on the emission of greenhouse gases. The Federal Council has set the goal of reducing ammonia emissions from agricultural units in Switzerland by 40 % compared to 2005. Ammonia emissions from farms can be influenced by measures in animal husbandry, feeding and fertiliser application and use. It was investigated how a supplier of animal housing technology can open up new business opportunities through new regulations for ammonia emissions. Therefore, company`s environment and ecosystem, its conditions and its customers’ needs were investigated. Based on these findings, requirements for a solution concept were determined. A concept for the company was developed in an agile process. The concept is based on the elements consulting, training, portfolio, business model and culture. Additionally developed documents help the company to use and share its knowledge in ammonia management. The concept opens up new business opportunities and allows the company to be a competent partner in ammonia management.

Studienbetreuer: Silvio Di Nardo