Technik & Architektur: Bachelor- und Master-Diplomarbeiten


2020 , Master in Engineering

Führungsinstrumente zur effektiven Innovationsplanung

Patrick Bauen


In an increasingly complex environment, a company is particularly challenged to establish tools for effective innovation planning. The derivation of such management tools is described in the present master thesis. The concept follows a systemic approach and combines information from different business areas in a context-rich view. As a result of the master thesis, an extended management tool set was created, consisting of the development matrix, business-process-stakeholder-pyramid, and portfolio map. The matrix summarizes the relevant information on the five planning levels: market, product, function, technology, and knowledge. The pyramid shows the connection across different business processes using the same planning levels as the matrix. The portfolio map is used to ensure a balance between short-term and long-term goals and to depict current and future business. In combination these tools create a holistic picture of R&D and increase the effectivity of innovation planning.

Studienbetreuer: Silvio Di Nardo